Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Parliament ka Saamna

The new reality show 'Sach ka Saamna' (face the truth) had to face some objections from Members of Parliament.

I mentioned this news and a relevant cartoon in a recent post about Parliament walkouts.

However, I think that one cartoon doesn't do justice to an issue as important as this.

After all, if it was important enough to be discussed in the Parliament, its important enough to inspire some more cartoons...

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  1. hehe super :)
    Is that girl in toons you?

  2. Hey..nice..

    I thought the same, y are the discussing TV shows on parliamet. even if they want 2 , there are Indian TV channels that broadcast softporn on prime time. may be the show producers and channels have bribed them to bring up this as a issue(happned b4), any publicity is publicity rite!

    Zee Telugu, Maa TV and most telugu channels are sick and enough no of cheap videos are put on youtube from these channels for proof

  3. hi, nice...

    wah toondoo is very useful tools making cartoon strip...

  4. ha ha ha .good keep it up .... Meera ;)