Thursday, July 23, 2009

Parliament walkies

Cartoons inspired by the Parliament 'walkouts' such as this...

And, one inspired by the extremely vital issues being discussed in Parliament...

I also think it would make a lot of sense if members of Parliament were made to follow the rules of a school classroom.

Thanks to streetanchor for suggesting the theme for this post.


  1. Wow! This is so hilarious rofl.....@ Parliamentary.....:D

  2. Good ones, The third one is specifically the real good one :)!

  3. LOL hahahha....BAN on sach ka saamna...

  4. Disgusting...only walkies no talkies!

    Guess this show how to avoid a topic if you do not have any intelligent argument or want to go home or do some personal work.

    They should be locked in for the period. It's our bloody money!!

  5. Good stuff, I like how u pick sensitive issues with a pinch of salt. This work could easily find its way to any of the daily newspapers for multiple reach. all the best

  6. Parliament Order cartooon is veryyy nice :-)