Wednesday, March 10, 2010

When Parliamentarians get suspended

Inspired by the unruly behavior of our Parliamentarians and more specifically the suspension of 7 members of Rajya Sabha yesterday for the same reasons.

The first Toon posted here is almost identical to an
earlier Toon by me, but I couldn't resist doing either of these...

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  1. Parliament is a collection of ullus(owls). What else do you expect?

  2. Hi...

    Sorry if you have already answered this question before....

    I am simply curious on how you managed to draw all that ?? is it some software or does the work start with plain pencil and paper?

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  4. @Lonesome Duck I use, a free, online comic strip creator with loads of cool features. You can try your hand at it too!

  5. i still hav in mind de pic of de baffled ansari on women's day Thamasha!! :)