Sunday, June 29, 2008

Why I don't like to watch TV news

This is why I don't like to watch TV news as often as I used to.

As kids, we were always encouraged to watch the news on TV so that we could stay tuned to current affairs and I do feel that it helped inculcate a good habit.

However, most of the news content today is horrifying by itself. The lurid sensationalization with which it is reported by news channels only makes it much worse. We now take care not to put on the news channel while the kids are around.

Maybe, its time we got separate news channels for the kids.


  1. thanks for your kind words..and I find your blog very promising. I need to meet and learn a few things.

  2. Very true. Nice capture of the zeitgeist.

  3. Thanks for your feedback madhavan. It would be a pleasure to meet again and learn some more tips from you.

    Thanks tony!



    one blog has created a huge sensation by exposing Media. Meera has forced the media to think out of the idiot box! [:D]

    This is great stuff Meera. I was looking for some artist to collaborate with which is why I was forced to abandon both my cartoon strips. It was always me with the story board and another friend with the art. But you are in a league of your own. you seem to be exceptionally good with both, the cartoon and the story board. Absolutely brilliant.
    Great work! count me as one of your fans :)

  5. Thanks for your appreciative comments, sudhir! That is high praise coming from a cartoonist!

    Please do continue your cartoon series. I use toondoo to create all my toons and so can you. You dont need to be an artist, it's really simple just login to the site and create using drag and drop.

    Hope to see more of your series!