Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Spread love, not AIDS

It's World AIDS Day today...

See also: All my cartoons abou
t love


    1. Hi Meera,

      First timer here. Came thru Hitchy.

      Thats a great work, you have done here, in ur blog. Even though I've read a few, thru my shared links, I didnt get a chance to read them all at one point.

      Just loved them all...superb job !!!

    2. Wonderful!

      Could have been a little more wittier or something... I don't know... but it looks so simple... In fact most of your cartoons look like that... May be something is missing... May be only I feel so.

      Nice work, anyway :D

    3. @ Meera

      Beautiful and one of the most creative way of drawing the attention towards the very important issue AIDS!

      Glad to see that you have your own of propogating and spreading awareness!

      Keep the spark ALive..

      BTW: Heartily Congratulations on being selected in the list of best posts/blogs :)

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