Thursday, September 3, 2009

Money or Love?

Or both?

Just randomly thought of this one...


  1. Hehe. That's a good one! But there are those that have neither!

  2. Hmnn . So you finally changed the last frame. But I would have loved it if you could have published my comment where I pointing out the error.

    We are one of those genuine readers who help bloggers improve. We dont comment just to please bloggers. So publishing such comments gives a a bit of credibility and shows your ability to respond brilliantly to comments.

  3. @Rooturaj I appreciate your feedback but I do not moderate or delete comments on this blog. All comments get published and I just receive a notification email. If you commented on this post earlier, it is possible that your comment didn't get posted.

    As for the error, I noticed it myself and corrected it anyway since I didn't receive any comments pointing it out. Thanks for your help though!