Saturday, September 19, 2009

Herd mentality

Cartoons inspired by the unnecessary uproar over @shashitharoor's tweet..

I Really like Shashi Tharoor and his way of connecting with the public through twitter. His tweets do say a lot about him as a person and a professional politician. He tweeted to appreciate my cartoon once and I thought it was courageous and kind of him to comment on a political cartoon, rather than diplomatically ignore it!

Hope this silly controversy is dissolved soon and that he continues to tweet, away from the herd.


  1. Brilliantly put :)
    It always surprises me y humans associate animals with purely human vices and follies! Are donkeys really stupid or crocodiles hypocrites ???
    Only human :D

  2. Good one, does he know about this? :)

  3. @komal-nishka

    thanks :0)

    No, he doesn't! He has too much happening about him and on a Liberia visit as per his tweets!