Saturday, August 15, 2009

Independent thoughts

inspired the following cartoons about Independence Day...

Happy Independence Day!

Enjoy your Independence in ways that you still can!


  1. Nice....Your work is really good.....nd funny.....

  2. Hmm guess,its high time we should stop accusing or blindly blaming the authorities for whatever happens :)
    merely paying taxes is not enough,its time to introspect as a citizen,to what extent we really contribute to the betterment of our country.

    lets hope for a better tomorrow :)

    God bless everyone :)

    (i had to post the same comment at shantanu`s blog as well :)

  3. Hmm....we have come some distance, a lot more is left, need to find the mean between self-adulation and self-pity ;)

    62 years is not a long time in histories of nations, the fact that we continue to be a socialist, secular democracy is indeed something to be proud of :)

    But of course, poverty, illiteracy,inequality and injustice continue to plague the nation....

    Let this day be one of celebration and introspection :)

  4. I just want to ask where does all the money we pay for duty, taxes, and other social services end up? Theres no way our situation could be stuck here with all those wealth. Corruption is the cause but nobody admits though people whisper it around