Monday, August 31, 2009

Enough is Enough

Inspired by the fact that 10 months after 26/11 attacks, India and Pakistan are still debating adequacy of evidence...

Yes, I know this isn't a funny cartoon.

It wasn't intended to be.


  1. I just realized that ur not drawing these...:P
    But I still love the humor in ur comics....regards @amitsmith

  2. rock on...

    may you keep hitting the nail on the head in your own way :)

  3. Its funny in a macabre sense! We r dealing wid 2 soveriegn states so therez no evidence dat can b credible enuff if d othr party is unwilling to accept!

    But forget evidence,they should use common sense! I have alwayz wanted to ask Pak authorities, dont they have briefs on LeT, JeM etc, wats their objective, modus operandi ! If their charter aims at destroying India by terror strikes, isnt there enuff evidence to prosecute them ? Wat more evidence can India provide dat already doesnt exists in official record Pak establishment,filed under ex-assets.

  4. wow , very nice. thas so true, its been a year our govt. is not taking any action, our govt. still think pak will improve. but i like the way u put this topic, keep it up.