Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Why I loved the Tintin movie

The experience was totally worth the wait: As a long time Tintin fan and having read and reread the Tintin comic books several times since childhood, I'd been waiting eagerly to watch the Tintin movie. And I finally did, last week. I can say the experience was totally worth the wait.

What I liked best: The fact that the movie recreates the Tintin experience very well. The overall effect and feel is such that it lets you actually live within the world of the comic book. The action and adventure,  the chase and thrill, the mystery and suspense, the comedy of errors: elements that are characteristic of the Tintin book experience are all intact! And the animation and 3D effects bring all these elements to life.

Character Depiction: I also liked how the characters were portrayed, each of them with their distinct personality traits clearly emerging in every scene. Tintin and his sense of curiosity and adventure with which he perceives everything around him. Captain Haddock and his drunken escapades frequently resulting in a barrage of typical Haddock abuses. The Thompson twins and their silly antics that land them in trouble every time. Snowy and his eagerness to help Tintin, often distracted by mere canine desires. The depiction does justice to each character. Even Nestor, Tintin's landlady and Alan (Haddock's first mate) have been perfectly rendered.

The only slightly disappointing aspect of the movie: In trying to combine stories from 3 different Tintin books, some of the smoothness in transitioning between stories seems to have gotten lost. In that sense, I wouldn't say that the movie is a faithful adaptation of any one book.

Overall, the movie is an absolute must-watch for anyone who has been in love with (or even remotely intrigued by) the Tintin comics! I'm definitely giving it a second watch. And it has also made me want to go back and read the adventures again!

On a related note: If you're a serious Tintin fan, read Michael Farr's 'Tintin: The Complete Companion'


  1. Nice review. Cannot wait to watch it. :)

  2. Hi Meera, - saw the movie here and thoroughly enjoyed it. It revived my childhood experiences of reading TinTin:)

  3. I had gone in very low expectations since I thought TINTIN would have been better as a live action rather than animation. But they did an extraordinary job!