Monday, July 5, 2010

Bharat Bandh

Inspired by thoughts about the bandh and my own tweet from today...

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  1. Well said! Finally common man pays. Had this argument with @BJPsupporter on twitter who was justifying all this!
    @airplanetalk on twitter

  2. whats the point of all this when its always gonna result in suffering for common man........and yes we choose them to run the country..!!!
    @shane2418 on twitter

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  4. @anup so you want to say we should see all tamasha. govt jo karna chati karne de. i know its not good for indian economy but its important for deaf govt .left doing his duty good.

  5. @sunil yadav, is India an insecure Banana Republic to have this kind of destruction? If opposition is so popular, why is it in the opposition? Let opposition get elected to power and then they can change it.
    Now that this useless Bandh has affected so many common people, how does it benefit? Do you think Government will change anything just because of this? If not, what is the purpose of this destruction other than political mileage? If this is the way responsible opposition works in a democracy, then it is a Banana Republic and you deserve this kind of Government.
    Finally, who pays the bill my friend? All of us jokers aam adami, that's who, right? Or shall we send the bill for destruction and loss to BJP/CPI (M) and so on..will the politicians ever pay? C'mon man, wake up!

  6. There should be a much better way to protest rather than Bandhs /Harthaals ....

  7. Who is the common man? Middle class? Really? The middle class is a minority. You should ask your servant or driver or the auto guy what they thought about the bandh.

    They don't mind one days loss if it can help make things more affordable for them. They don't know how it can be done. But they are certainly complaining.

    Sitting at home it's very easy for us to say that the bandh is bad. What are we doing to solve this problem? It's not right if a majority of the people complain right?