Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Crying over Onions

Inspired by the Onion price hike...

And yes, I love onions!

(See also: Previous cartoon about onions)


  1. Haha.. reminds me of a time somewhere near 2000 when there was a similar hike and I used to take sandwiches to school and everyone regarded me as a rich spoilt kid! :P

  2. Looks like everything else is also going to make people cry. The floods has devastated agriculture in Kar, AP, Maha etc, sugar will probably make people cry more as it will taste bitter when shelling out a fortune to buy sugar.

  3. Hmnn..
    Lets get sattwik guys. No onions please. This is dark food ..increases body temperature and disturbs mental state.

  4. haha, onions are also plotting against us haaaan... hilarious stuff haha! I am still laughing!!!