Thursday, August 20, 2009

Shahrukh Khan

and what he did not do for publicity...


  1. areee yaar..Im watching him for years, i have never seen him doing anything like this for publicity. 3.6 billion people recognize his face, does he need this?

    that was real stuff. 3 years back he was detained and his son was taken to another room for interogation,he didnt make an issue on that, coz 3 years back means we are closer to 9/11, may be this time he lost his cool.

    When its time to publicize the film, in mid 2010, he will do that in grand style, as he did for his previous Marsala blockbusters.

  2. The last few movies of Shah Rukh have not come upto the mark. Though RNBDJ was hailed as the best film ever, I am not sure that a lot of the audience agreed with the same. Billu bombed despite a lot of marketing. SRK and KJ don't want to go wrong this time.

    Not a lot of people realize that when KJ+SRK last movie came out (KANK), it failed miserably the 1st day and got really bad reviews. They woke up on Sat to a shocker, and realized that they need to take some drastic steps. They roped in Barkha Dutt, who wrote an article in TOi about KANK, which basically said "The movie may not be great but there are some good points in the movie which people should watch.". Also SRK + Preity + Rani + KJ gave upteenth discussions on News channels on the issue of infidelity. This prompted a lot of people to go and watch the movie, thus saving it. SRK + KJ want to build up a hype about the movie, and clearly this is an attempt to give a "realistic" feel to the movie.

  3. Its a delicate situation isn't it ? I *know* that he is publicizing his movie through this issue.

    But then would be very cheerful if we are detained (for whatever period of time) and questioned because because of your name? Now consider this, u also happen to know that there r a billion ppl who wld vouch for u and u r still being interrogated!!!

    On the bright side, this episode and Jaswant Singh's by-now- infamous rant have let the cat out of the bag! For once ppl r accepting that Muslims do face discrimination even if inadvertantly. Let the jaggernaut roll...something good might yet come out of it! In the worst case Karan Johar-SRK would end up with pots of gold ;) :D

  4. true both regarding SRK and the toon :P

  5. Do not like SRk at all, but I dont think he did this for publicity. SRK's movie can pull as many people as it needs.

    But otherwise the cartoon is awesome !!

  6. Dude...SRK is THE MOST RECOGNIZED FACE IN THE WORLD.....cant get bigger than Him.....Were itt though caroon...He will never do this kind of publicity.

  7. have you ever heard "Life imitates Art?" perfect example here...

    and yes, SRK doesn't need to humiliate himself for publicity...there are plenty of others willing to do that for him, sadly...

  8. should get the facts right! Previous SRK-KJ movies were targeted for NRI audiences. It was a big box office hit in various countries.

  9. @ Nithin, discussions on movies are very common in Indian news channels, Chak de India talkshows was done to publicise the movie?

  10. I don't understand why media and people from the film fraternity are joining hands with him!!! Worst even senior ministers have entered the fray!. He "may be" the superstar or king khan of bollywood but its got nothing to do with US or US security. If he wants to enter their land he has to follow their rules and customs.

    And I sincerely don't understand why he would frisk jolie or pitt ?? is he incharge of securities at the air port !?

    We Indians should learn from this and tighten the security and frisk every damn person who enters and leave the country. We should learn that Country and its safety comes first!