Friday, July 10, 2009

To Baba Ramdev

Cartoons dedicated and inspired by his claims about homosexuality and the miraculous healing powers of Yoga...

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  1. ROFL,
    All this Babas are just Cartoons,

  2. I had a severe case of Homosexuality earlier. But with a daily course of deep breathing out of alternate nostrils, I was able to cure this disease. Now I am a normal human person. Thank you Baba R.

  3. Wasnt he claiming earlier that cancer could be cured by yoga as well?

    Some "believer" friends of mine wanted to goto his shivir and get over my bout of tuberculosis.

    I've broken up with them since.

  4. Jai HO BABA ki...Uh...Gay HO...BABA Ramdev!!

  5. Note to Baba :

    The only problem with troubleshooting is that sometimes trouble shoots back.

    Note to Meera :

    Keep them comin !

  6. Lol! That's fantastic :P

    And you're pretty :)

  7. excellent!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Preach what you know baba....he he live the rest to the best pls baba...vaarna duniya puri ki puri paggal ho jaye gi meri naani, dadi, mum ki tarha jo aapko guru mannte hai... I know they all live a sad life Meera...

  9. Preach what you know baba....he he live the rest to the best pls baba...vaarna duniya puri ki puri paggal ho jaye gi meri naani, dadi, mum ki tarha jo aapko guru mannte hai... I know they all live a sad life Meera...

  10. Hey how do u make these cartoons ?

  11. It is well known and documented that Yog helps control and get rid of anger and sexual arousals. I have no doubt that it could also cure, perversive tendency of same sex relationship.

    To give you a real example, my friend was heavily into masturbation, and into pornography. But after doing Yog and Pranayam as told by Swami ji, he is now completely rid of these tendencies and is tremendously calm and balanced, and powerful.

  12. I know of a friend who went to baba for yoga. In two days he quit the course and told me he felt uncomfortable coz of baba's homosexual moves. He thinks he was saved from becoming a homosexual victim.

  13. so, basically yoga can cure you of just about anything?
    except from blatant stupidity (note: not ignorance) obviously...

  14. Suzana ! You from some other country ? don't look down at the ancient Indian practice ina derogatory manner - dont lik it - don't comment.

  15. missing an "e" in the previous comment should not make the seriousness less.

  16. dear Anonymous,

    a few things:

    1) have the politeness to write my name correctly: it's "suzana" without capitalization;

    2) yes, me from another country, but that is totally besides the point, and quite frankly implicitly discriminatory;

    3) had you actually read what i wrote, you would have noticed that i said absolutely nothing derogatory about yoga (or India for that matter), but on the contrary commented on people who ABUSE yoga for their own misguided "ethical" beliefs.

    it's not nice putting words in someone's mouth and deliberately trying to twist their opinions so as to prove your own point.

    'nuf said

  17. YO!GAY!

    In your face baby ramdev!!

    Dear Baby Rammed Dave,
    The world has move out of the closet, even the HC has approved leave your malignant practices and be happy and gay!

    keep killing the prejudices with ur toonami meera!!!

  18. Hi Meera, I'm proud to see the standard of your cartoons! Amazing! But I agree with the cartoon only till it as a joke material... When tiger woods can be treated for being sexomania, why can't we think abt 'homosexuality' differently as a disease? My argument is when u have alcoholism as an illness, why not this too..?! Cure in Yoga for this should be vouched by the beneficiaries...Then only i'll able to believe...till then keeping my fingers crossed!

  19. Lets say for a second that yoga has the power to do anything and everything. What is with calling homosexuality a disease? I think the baba should keep some "treatments" to himself and not voice such baseless comments openly.

    I really don't see how its about "if you don't like ancient practices...don't comment" and an "e" changing the degree of seriousness of anything here.

    Lets just stay on topic and not deviate to the importance of babas & what they have done and the importance of spell check

  20. I Hate Meera and her Caartoons...

    She is weird looking as well....

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