Friday, June 27, 2008

Un-social networking?

The very definition of 'social networking' seems to be undergoing a drastic change.

Thanks to the popular 'social' networks online, people now seem to be getting more and more complacent about staying in touch with old friends and making newer ones.

While it might be great to be connected with all your friends and acquaintances through online social networks, they are hardly much of a replacement for the qualitatively richer face-to-face interactions, meetings and get-togethers (unless, of course, those are anyway not possible due to distance issues and / other issues!)

No offence to fans of social networks, please go ahead and socialize with orkut, facebook, myspace and the scores of other networks out there.

As for me, I'd prefer a real hug anyday over a virtual facebook hug!


\Whatever happened?\



  1. Hey, thanks for the referral! Seems like a pretty schnazzy site as well!

    Oh, and your strips are quite entertaining, I must say.


  2. thanks twentyskiptwo, hope to see some of your toons too!

  3. It's funny. When my parents were kids, they only knew the kids on their block. When I was kid, I knew kids from my town and a few nearby towns. My kids know people all over the world. What's next?
    Great toons as always.

  4. Thanks tony!

    Yes, that's very true. Who knows where social networking will take us next?

  5. In my generation kids had pen-pals. That was one way of getting to know the world beyond your immediate neighbourhood.

    I think there is always this desire to make new friends. I am not sure if social networking has removed the need for "live" friends. I think it has only broadened the definition of friendship.

    very nice blog I must say and I love your cartoons. Do you have a syndicated strip?

    If I may just add a piece of advice, I think you will do better to have a wider template. Many of your cartoons need to be scrolled. I would like to see the whole cartoon in one glance. I think you can easily fix this :)

    Have a great day.

  6. L. Venkata Subramaniam, thanks for appreciating my blog and I'm glad you love my cartoons. I don't have a syndicated strip yet, all my toons are created on toondoo.

    Thanks a lot for your advice too. I have made some changes in the format. Do check and let me know if it's better now!

  7. hey. must say. very entertaining comic strips you have on your blog. :)
    i had a comic-strip concept in my mind. is there any way you could help me in making it a reality?
    there's no contact e-mail or anything anywhere. so i thought i'd comment and ask.

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