Thursday, June 12, 2008

Cricket as Business!

For the first time, cricket successfully turned into a business model with the Indian Premier League!

Cricket in itself is the biggest unifying force of the nation, to the extent that it is often referred to as India's biggest religion!

So here you have cricket as the central ingredient, clubbed with several bollywood biggies and top notch industrialists, who not only bring in the money but also add a whole lot of glamor value!

To add to this, you have various teams constituted from a combination of fresh talent (as was the case with the Rajasthan team!) as well as acclaimed players of the cricketing world not only from India but also from other countries!

What's more, you follow the short and sweet maximum-interest-retaining 20-20 format (which has significantly gained in popularity over the traditional ODI and test match formats!) and you also ensure involvement from a city-based competition perspective as each team is aligned to a different city!

Garnish this with some strong branding, media publicity and entertainment factors such as the cheerleaders (not to mention the resultant controversy that evolved around them!) and what do you have?

A winning recipe, distinct from all others by its very design!

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